About the author
About the creation of the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life)

About the author

There are many questions about the author. Many people want to be able to create some picture about me.
So, I have tried to facilitate it for them a bit and I have created one such picture. Here it is.

There is a big interest in knowing something about the life of the author. For example, how old she is?
I was born in March 6th 1965.

Are you married?
I have been married for the second time. With my ex-husband I got divorced before the Mandala of life and Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) have been created. Both systems are very closely related with my current marriage. Without my current husband would never be created any of it, at least nothing of this form.

Does it mean that you create the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) together?
No, it definitely doesn’t. Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) is my work. It is a description of my point of view at the world. But the inestimable role of my husband stems in helping me organize and express my ideas and above all that we live together according this philosophy.

There are also questions of this kind. What looks your private life like?
I am afraid that any answer to this question won’t be sufficient. It is impossible for me to answer in such a way that I would describe our private life. Our private life will stay private. However in order to at least outline it I will refer you to “the six basic starting points” because those really are the uncrossable frame which defines our life.

Do you get, for example, angry sometimes?
Naturally. Why shouldn’t I get angry? Emotions are something what essentially belongs to all living creatures. More over, every emotion is immensely important information about the state of our own world. And that’s how we treat it. The one who gets angry knows that something in his/her kingdom isn’t in balance and that he/she needs to do something about it. He/she needs to do something which would bring his/her kingdom back to the balance. So you will never hear us to say that the other one got us angry. We really do insist on that we are the creators of our happiness (the first of the starting points) and that there is nobody who has the ability to make us angry unless we ourselves don’t have the reason.

Does “the classic marriage misunderstanding” happen to you sometimes?
No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t happen to us because we don’t automatically suppose that the other one will understand. My husband is Dutchman and we speak English and that is not the mother tongue of either of us, so many times we miss words. This language imperfection is, at the end, the biggest asset of our communication (after all it is always like that: the weakest point always hides the biggest advantage), because it isn’t enough to listen the words and we have to really make an effort to comprehend what the other one wants to say. And when there is something which doesn’t seem right to us we always start with a verification of if we understood each other well. So, the language difference helps us to overcome the fact that men actually speak in “other language” than women. And that’s why “the classic marriage misunderstanding” doesn’t happen to us.

Thereby we get to the question if the author is Czech and where she lives?
Yes, I am Czech and we actually live in Czech Republic.

Does your husband also live in Czech Republic? What did he do for living in Netherlands and where does he work now?
My husband lives in Czech Republic since the 2000. In Netherlands he owed a company of 50 employees which was specialized to breed bromelies. After his arrival to Czech Republic he didn’t work anywhere, he stayed at home and was taking care of the running of our household and later also of our daughter who was born in 2003. But since I am also at home, unless I just give a workshop, the most important thing is that he has been my partner whenever and in whatever which I’ve needed the most while creating the system of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life). Now we also give together workshops for our graduates of the basic training.

The question about your children is also frequent. So, do you have one daughter?
We have one common daughter Ariana. However, there are also two sons of my husband (from his first marriage) Tomas (1988) and Ivo (1990) and my two daughters (from my first marriage) Markéta (1990) and Hedvika (1993). So all together we have five kids.

About the creation of the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life)

The next group of questions concerns the way which the author has gone through until she’s got to the creation of the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life), for example, what is her education?
I have graduated at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. A field of study of analytical chemistry.

Was this the beginning of the path towards the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life)?
It definitely was not. The beginning of the path towards the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) was my own birth and maybe the beginning lies even somewhere before that. In any case, I remember one event from my kindergarten when I was explaining to my friends, who were sometimes my friends and sometimes not as it sometimes is in kindergartens (my four years old daughter Ariana is now going through this right now), that this isn’t a friendship at all, that that’s not the way they can do it and that they must decide either to be my friends or not. After that I gave them a time limit for consideration and I left them.

How did it come out?
After that we have become friends and they would never try this on me again. The students of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) can recognize in my behavior the principle of the clear definition of limits from the first course which is one of the basic rules for the creation of the functioning relationships. I haven’t learnt that anywhere, I have simply always known it. Let’s say that it is my natural talent.

Does it mean that everything was going smooth on its own since your childhood and that everything in your life has been happening straight according the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life)?
It absolutely didn’t. The Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) has always been somewhere deep inside of me but I had no idea about it. I was acting according to them only when I was acting really in accordance with myself. However as a little child I had to adjust to the requirements of adults and they had completely different idea about life. Other thing which has taken me many years to realize was that all which seems absolutely clear to me is not clear to others at all. More over, the natural talent is never enough, it is necessary to exercise and train it, it is necessary to look for one’s own form of expression. Up to the creation of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) (until 2004) was all my life about an unsatisfied search, about many misunderstandings, about dead ends and about a slow putting-together of little bits of the mosaic of the Principy Života® (The Principles of Life).

Is it possible to describe this search in some way? There are many people who have been asking about it?
All I have ever done in my life has brought some piece of experience and each such piece was important. Sometimes, because thanks to this experience I figured out which way the path leads and the other time I have clarified where it doesn’t. All which I have ever considered interesting has been somehow useful. Sometimes, I have started something which was in the momentary conditions strange. For example, my relationship to school was very half-hearted. Regularly, I have made my homework not until at school under the school desk, however since my 15th birthday I have learnt English an hour or two per day everyday. Not for the school. I have learnt it just like that, just for me, on my own. At the age of eighteen I decided that it is absolutely necessary for me to learn to typewrite with all ten fingers even though at that time was not clear at all for what I need it. I have practiced every day. Today, I can’t imagine my life neither without speaking fluently English nor without the easy typewriting on the computer.

Let’s take a closer look at that which was interesting during the actual path of searching
I’ve always been interested in nature and its functioning. I’ve been very much interested in an animal behavior. I have loved fairytales and legends. I have searched for the history of ancient nations. I’ve never liked sports and I’ve hated TV. I’ve read instead. There were times when I was reading one book per a day or two. I’ve always been interested in people. When I was fourteen and I became a leader of the girl group of a youth center, I felt like a fish in water. Later I have been a leader of this group for several years. Then I didn’t like to work with children anymore and so I became an instructor of the Holiday school Lipnice. There I spent almost ten years and was leading many courses. I was doing it on the 100 percent but after some time it wasn’t enough for me. After that I became the Master of Reiki and later on also a facilitator of Kinesiology and One Brain, I studied the psychotherapist faculty, I have attended many various courses, but any of these paths hasn’t been the right one for me. For me, each of them had a dead end.

All of them are dead ends?
It isn’t valid in general. Everybody must consider it for oneself. There weren’t the right paths for myself however they might be for someone else. If I stayed with anyone of them, I couldn’t use my own potential. And without any doubts it’s always been my potential to create The Principy Života® (The Principles of Life). Each of these experiences has been for me interesting in some way and limiting in the other one. The holiday school has facilitated me many very valuable experiences but it didn’t facilitate me to go deep enough. The Reiki has brought me the idea of being the master of my own life, really take my life into my hands and make it to my satisfaction but I didn’t like that everything was happening out of the reach of conscious and that this way I could never be a real master of my life, a real Master of life. The Kinesiology One Brain has indicated the way to get to our conscious that which at the moment has been out of its reach and lead me to the realization of the fact how important is the work with emotions and how can one be tied up by ones own belief systems. However, neither here I was happy with the way in which this method solved the problem. So at the end I have again left off all of it and since I have already had collected enough experience I have started to assemble my own mosaic – and so was created Mandala života in the year 2000. Mandala života has been a sketch for the current Principy Života® (The Principles of Life). However as my real work I consider only Principy života.

So what is the difference between Mandala života and Principy Života® (The Principles of Life)?
Mandala života used partly some elements from Kinesiology. It was still a method which was based on some procedure. A person had to know the procedure and it was impossible to verify it. Therefore one had to, to certain extend, believe it. Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) aren’t based on any of this. A person reaches all the changes following their own considerations and because they understand why something doesn’t work or on the contrary why it does. Workshops don’t offer any „magic”, any mysterious solutions. They offer only very carefully sorted inducements to contemplate ones own life and functioning of the world. To do the changes must decide each of us on his/her own.