The extensive synthesis of pieces of knowledge and experiences from many areas characterizes Principy Života® (The Principles of Life). Unconventional connection of every single known detail very often enables a completely new view of those details which lead to a need to find a new approach, since we can't treat things, which we perceive in a new way, in old way. It is impossible to call new ways by old names and so there is no other way than to look for new names and new phrases which would properly describe the new reality.

The basis of our educational system is "training of the practical self-experiential philosophy".

With regard to Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) educational system, the word philosophy is the logic choice. The meaning of the word philosophy is the love of wisdom. It doesn't mean a wisdom as it is, it doesn't specify the final and steady state but the love of wisdom which is the permanent reason for the endless effort to achieve wisdom. It is very important because wisdom is not a state which we can reach once and for all, but it is the journey towards a starry but always escaping goal, since wisdom which doesn't contain the newest experiences is never complete. This meaning points out the lifelong character of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) educational system and it is in accordance with the six starting points of our philosophy. Pragmatically the word philosophy means knowledge of the overall reality, the knowledge straining to understand a man and therefore also oneself and one's relationship with the surrounding universe. This is also our exact goal.

However, there are many ways of philosophizing. The most important to us is to be able to practically use all our efforts in our own life. That is to say that we believe that if we want philosophy to lead to wisdom, it must be connected with everyday life and its benefits must manifest themselves in the surrounding reality because if not then the philosophy is only a fruitless raving. That's why it is important to us that our philosophy be truly practical.

If we want our pieces of knowledge to manifest themselves in practice, it is not possible to go through them only theoretically. For this precise reason, we call the basis of our educational system a training. And we could say - a training leading to wisdom if we still remember that reaching wisdom is not possible without complete understanding of our own selves, without understanding of how we influence our surroundings, our life and the lives of others.

We call this training self-experiential because it is not possible to get to know ourselves enough if we don't have enough experience not only of how our consciousness functions but also of other levels which are part of us even though they are not conscious. What happens is that the source of our problems is usually just that which lies out of the reach of the momentary consciousness and therefore out of the reach of conscious control.

The goal of the training of the practical self-experiential philosophy is to increase our control of the consciousness, to gain control of our own patterns, ways, imaginations, motivations etc. which are out of our consciousness because then we can become real experts in knowing ourselves, things can stop happening to us, we will be able to see the relationship between cause and effect and we will become the real masters of our own life.