I felt that whole my life i had to fight to survive and i did not like one thing about it. I wanted to be happy, successful and proud of myself. Easily said, but how do you do it. I have read so many books and study different types of philosophy but did not know how to really apply it to my life. Than i came across Principles of life. I thought that the price was little too hi but i tried it anyway. Today i know that i was wrong, because all these information that i gathered so far are priceless.Today I know that my life is what i want it to be and it gives me sense of piece and freedom. I always felt that there is potential in me and now i know how to work with it. What is also unique about this philosophy that i have a chance to talk to people on the website and hear their opinion and see their life experience which helps me to understand where i might be going the wrong way. Sona Denver

The life principles…
Wow, what an outstanding tool to do something to improve the way you live your life! I thought I know myself, I was so wrong… Even more, I thought I understand others and I can judge them, correct them, their life, their behavior and so on… and all this just based on my point of view about the world. Sound pretty bad, isn’t it? Curiously, all this happened without knowing that I’m doing this. I started the life principle course (what a great decision!) with an inside vanity and skepticism, that there are not many things witch can bring more light in my life. I was wrong again! I hope I made you curious enough to give a shout, and to try it for yourself. I’m sure you will enjoy it and it will make you discover things you even didn’t imagine!
Cosmin Craciunescu
Chicago, USA

I have been learning about the principles behind Principy zivota during the past few years, through having individual sessions with a counsellor from this organisation. She is a skilled, empathetic communicator who has the ability to help you identify what is not working in your life, and how to proceed to make it better. I found the theory behind Principy zivota to be immediately relevant to my life, and I was quickly able to take strategies discussed in the sessions, and apply them to my life with very positive results. I appreciate the practical workshop approach, and that the session is not a detached,one-sided analysis of your life, but rather a discussion with another person which leads you to discover something new about yourself. I always felt like I came away after every session with a new tool to help me cope better, and I often noticed the results of the discussions in the days and weeks after they had taken place, in the way that I started to interact differently with others, and react in new and better ways. I would recommend finding out about about Principy zivota to anyone who has issues to resolve in their life.
Lara, Czech Republic