What is the content of the workshops?

Workshops are divided into three levels. The first level is a basis for a creation of a life philosophy for a balanced person. The duration of the first level workshops is three days while the others last for four days. The second level concerns principles of life which were already studied by old cultures and which are omitted nowadays because we don’t connect them to our life properly. The last level enables us to open the door to a quality new future.

Workshops must be attended in a set order because they all follow on from each other. A break of two months is recommended between workshops to allow time to bring what we’ve discovered into our life. This is a gradual and sometimes long lasting process because, to be able to straighten up our picture of the world, we have to change many opinions, ways and habits and for that we need time.

I.To become a personality

If we want our life philosophy to enable us to be a balanced person who uses one’s potential fully, the philosophy must really be our own. It doesn’t mean that everything must come from inside us, but we have to put it together properly and create our own balanced picture of the world on which we can rely. However, this can only be managed if we have a strong personality and we don’t rely on the opinion of others. Whether we have a strong personality or not is a question of choice as well as maintaining of several principles. We will occupy ourselves only with these principles in the first level of workshops:

1.To be a master of one’s life
2.To know oneself
3.The rules of growth

II.Mandala of life

The word “Mandala” means a circle and we will be concerned with connecting ourselves to the circle of life. If we connect all experiences into one picture, we can find interesting principles which are normally hidden behind worthless forms used in unuseful ways. The old mandalas used to be an attempt to depict the order of the universe. We also will put some principles of life into a mosaic which will present a picture of important connections in such a way that we will know:

4.How to confront our life
5.How to be balanced
6.How to avoid danger
7.How to discover our potential
8.How not to get lost

III.The door into the future

This third level is for those who want to use their individual potential fully, for those who aren’t satisfied with merely surviving their life. It is for those who want to live life in such a way that there will be something left behind them. Every person can contribute to the disappearance of things which they don’t like in today’s world. There are many ways in which to do this but not every one of them is balanced. If we want to remove the flaws of the present from our future we have to stop behaving in the same way as people in the past. And because people always behave in a way based on their picture of the world, we have to create such a picture which will properly enable us to:

9.Use our experience
10.Use our human potential
11.Use our reasoning
12.Use our relationships
13.Use our subconscious
14.Use our future