Our method

Many people find out about Principy zivota® from somebody who has studied this philosophy and who has experienced during their studies improvements in various areas of their lives: health or psychological problems, financial and working situations and other areas. With regard to this, people often ask, what is the bases for the method used and which problems are possible to be solved with it. However, our method is very specific because there is no method and no guaranteed solution at all.

Principy zivota® are a school of “practical self-experiential philosophy”. By that connection we attempt to go back to the model of antique philosophical schools. In these schools the old philosophers tried to not only get to a theoretical idea about the order of the world and the meaning of life, but at the same time they tried to live according to their believes and topractically test through their own life the accuracy of their idea. Based on their own practical experience they further built up the theory, which they later again examined by their own life. In the medieval times the Church acquired a monopoly over all practical philosophy. They enforced church dogmas and punished its criticism as a heresy. The philosophical schools of the antique type completely disappeared.

If we speak about philosophy these days, people usually imagine either studies of antique authors or some theoretical contemplations, which have no real meaning for a practical life. Therefore, when we speak about improvement in practical life, people cannot imagine that it could be without any method that life could be improved, and therefore they try to find the method. However, the only thing which could be in Principles of Life compared to a method is a philosophical talk, which we call a disquisition, and which rules are explained in the chapter about the basic training.

The rules of disquisition are very simple and at first sight it can seem that they are absolutely trivial. However, if they are applied consistently and we train them gradually, they enable us to develop, together with the content of the workshops, a high level of a capability of self-reflection. During workshops, students get used to monitoring their thoughts, feelings, gestures and even such details like a change in their voice intonation. At the same time, they learn to think about and analyze these manifestations, and therefore they are gradually more and more able to control not only that, what is happening in their consciousness, but also that, which is infiltrating from their subconsciousness into their consciously controlled actions through these signals.Gradually, they begin to understand themselves better and better, they orientate themselves in their emotions and they know how to work with them, they sort out various contradictory ideas, they are aware of their motivations, they discover their unique potential, they become more well-balanced, they can better orientate in themselves and also in their life and their decision making becomes easier and more functional.All of this then leads to the growth of their self-confidence, to the belief that their life has a meaning and to the certainty that they themselves decide about the direction of their life.

Therefore, the success of “our method” lies in the fact that we don’t offer people any method which would solve their problems, we don’t solve any problems for them, but we offer them conditions, which can help them to find the way to deal with their problems, whatever they are, on their own. Since we do not offer any method we can neither guarantee its fruitfulness. So in case somebody would hope that we could offer something, which could solve their problems with a guarantee, we have to disappoint them, because we do not offer a guaranteed solution of any problems.