Milena Dědková

When I was 25 years old I set out on a journey to look for "happiness" or I could also say to look for answers to all my questions concerning life that I couldn't find. First I lived in the USA for several years and then spent some time in Spain. However, I still couldn't find what I was looking for. I learned languages, I traveled to many places, which was great, but I still wasn't content at all, and worse - I became more and more unbalanced and unhappy because I didn't know what to do to change it. In the end, I returned to the Czech Republic and I met the philosophy of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life). This philosophy has completely changed my life.

On arrival to the first workshop, I came as an unemployed person, living of the social benefit. I smoked 1-2 packets of cigarettes a day. And the other thing, I was 32 years old and hadn’t been able to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with a man.

The philosophy of Principy Života® (The Principles of Life) has allowed me to find answers to all my questions concerning life thus far - how to create my life to my satisfaction, what is the meaning of my life, etc. These answers are so practical that thanks to them I have been learning to create my life in a way that I like. The result is that my life is every day more and more interesting and worth living.

Thanks to Principy Života® (The Principles of Life), I’ve found out that the answers I can only find within me, not in the surrounding world, and I have started to look for them. And this philosophy has taught me how to do it. After the 4th workshop I quit smoking and I got a job in the European Parliament in Luxembourg where I lived for the next 3 years. In 2005 I met my husband Vladimir, we got married and together we have two daughters Veronika (2007) and Laura (2009). First we lived 3 years in Prague and Brno in Czech Republic and in 2010 we all moved to Puerto Aventuras in Mexico where we live up to now.

I like to look into how things and relationships function. So, if you are interested we can begin to look into that together.

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Address: Puerto Aventuras, QR, Mexico